Monthly Archives: July 2016

How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

children's book about a visit to the family dentistOne of the best ways to make sure your child has a healthy smile for life is by establishing a dental home. That means creating a trusting relationship between your child & your family dentist & making sure visits to the dentist are fun & educational. As a parent or guardian, you can play a large part in making sure your child is happy & comfortable at the dentist. Here are a few ways how: Continue reading How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

Keeping Up With Dental Health in the Summer

don't chew on ice dental tipSummertime is a great time. The days are longer, we spend more time outside, the kids are out of school, & many of us take trips with family & friends. With all the changes in your routine during the summer, it might be easy to let dental care become less of a priority. Here are a few tips from your dental team to keep you smiling all summer long. Continue reading Keeping Up With Dental Health in the Summer

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

woman with tooth sensitivityMany millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity at some point in their life, usually in the form of tooth pain in reaction to heat or cold. Tooth sensitivity has many causes, some more easily fixed than others. However, it’s important to know that tooth sensitivity is sometimes a sign of a more serious dental problem of condition. What follows are the basics of what you should know about having sensitive teeth. Continue reading Understanding Tooth Sensitivity