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staying calm at the dental clinic no fear

No Need to Fear the Dentist

staying calm at the dental clinic no fearWith today’s modern sedation techniques & better understanding of the causes & solutions for dental phobia, there is no reason to fear the dentist. As dentists, the thing we fear the most is our patients being in pain or experiencing other challenges due to not visiting the dentist for checkups & treatment. Dentists & dental professionals are caring & compassionate people who got into dentistry to help others. Our primary goal is always your health & comfort, so if you experience dental phobia or fear, we will do everything we can to make visits to the dental clinic easy for you. Continue reading No Need to Fear the Dentist

dental clinic team pledge to patients

Our Pledge to You…

dental clinic team pledge to patientsOur pledge to you is to provide the most personalized, effective dental care possible. Caring for your individual dental health is part of our larger goal of improving & supporting the overall health of the community. Dental health is deeply linked to your general health, so the happier & healthier we can make your smile, the stronger our community will be. Continue reading Our Pledge to You…

woman with tooth sensitivity

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

woman with tooth sensitivityMany millions of people suffer from tooth sensitivity at some point in their life, usually in the form of tooth pain in reaction to heat or cold. Tooth sensitivity has many causes, some more easily fixed than others. However, it’s important to know that tooth sensitivity is sometimes a sign of a more serious dental problem of condition. What follows are the basics of what you should know about having sensitive teeth. Continue reading Understanding Tooth Sensitivity